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Netflix’s 'The Princess Switch' Is 100 Minutes I’ll Never Get Back

The Christmas film starring Vanessa Hudgens was fine, but there are other holiday favorites that deserve your time instead.

Jon Bellion’s Unique Sound Shines in 'Glory Sound Prep'

Bellion’s self–produced album features 10 tracks that constantly shift in sound for an enjoyable 43 minutes.

From Meme Icon to Rapper: Who Is Bhad Bhabie?

Danielle Bregoli, who said "cash me outside, how 'bout dah?" on Dr. Phil, is now a rapper. Here's what I think of her music.

Stop! Hoodie Time: Hoodie Allen Gives Business, Career, and Life Advice at Penn

Rapper Hoodie Allen (W ’10) shares his steps to success – along with several laughs – at Tuesday’s “The Business of Life Lecture.”

Khalid's 'Suncity:' A Love Letter to El Paso and his Fans

The seven–track release, out now, combines Khalid's old style with his newfound fame.

Marauder's Map: Your Guide to Harry Potter Events Near Philly

A roundup of some of the best Harry Potter–inspired events happening this fall. 

Three Letters for the Season 3 'Riverdale' Premiere: WTF

The first episode of the third season left me confused and disappointed. 

Meet Bjarni Rasmussen: The First Penn Student from the Faroe Islands

Think being the first student from your high school to attend Penn is a big feat? Try being the first from your country. 
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