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Cindy Zhang


The Charm of Chinatown's Longtime Restaurants

A deep dive into some of Chinatown’s oldest eateries—save room for dessert!

Give These Romantic Tropes A Second Chance

Revisiting some of the most perfectly executed romantic tropes in film

'Definition Please' is a Hot Take on South Asian Stereotypes

Sujata Day rewrites South Asian characters and dismantles damaging stereotypes in her genre–bending directorial debut.

The Push and Pull of Dark Academia

Exploring the disturbing duality of dark academia in 'Dead Poets Society,' 'Kill Your Darlings,' and 'Rope'

A Love Letter To My COVID–19 Bubble

Reflecting on the little things that shaped my pandemic year, halfway across the world

The Feminine Urge to Base Your Personality On Girlbosses in Film

Analyzing trends in our favorite female protagonists from 2000 onwards

Kristen Stewart and the Hollywood Rollercoaster

How did 'The Twilight Saga' ultimately impact her career?

Why You Should Be Binge–Watching 'Inside Job'

If you’re curious to see a world in which conspiracy theorists are the arbiters of truth, this adult animated series is for you.

What We Can Learn From 'Martha Marcy May Marlene,' Ten Years Later

This unconventional psychological thriller explores the relationship between cults and the human psyche.

Exposing Exploitative Practices Within the Japanese Animation Industry

Dire working conditions are sustaining weekly episode releases of your favorite animes.

In 'The Garden of Words,' Less is More

This slow–paced movie deserves your patience.
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