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Dean Agnos


Fred Durst, said right

New wave might be thought of as a sound of the past, but with his debut album, Ethiopian-born Kenna shows that it can be very current.

He'll Out-Drink Eminem

Mike Skinner, the British rapper better known as The Streets, moves across the stage, violently shaking a bottle of beer over his head, and spraying its contents all over himself and those near the front of the stage, without missing a lyric.

Mission Statement

Late on a Tuesday afternoon, the doorbell rings. Through the peephole are two college-aged men dressed in slacks, short-sleeve white button down shirts and ties.

His Little Secret

On a cold Wednesday night, David (name changed at his request), a 21-year-old Wharton senior, pounds beers, smokes weed and scouts potential hook-ups at a fraternity party.

Culture: Queer as pholk

Welcome to the gayborhood, where the grass is greener, the street is cleaner and the people just a little bit gayer.

Summertunes: Aural Pleasure

Morcheeba follows up Fragments of Freedom, their disco-infused pop record, with a mellower and richer album that grows more interesting with time.

Summer Sounds: Aural Pleasure

Comfortably settled on our West Philadelphia campus -- in our Logan Hall classrooms and Freshgrocer shopping aisles -- it is easy to forget how much of Philadelphia we Penn students avoid, or just don't see.
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