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Denali Sagner


Where BLM Meets DIY: Meet Two Penn Students Using their Art to Support a Movement

How tie-dye and stickers became a force for racial change

Phoebe Bridgers Weighs Life, Love, and Loss on "Punisher"

The indie artist blends introspection, storytelling, and eeriness on her sophomore album.

"These are Their Stories": Law and Order S.V.U. in the Age of "Copaganda"

Reexamining my favorite TV show and its feminist heroine as America questions the age-old police procedural

Protests, Police, and Penn: On the Ground at Philadelphia's Black Lives Matter Protest

One student's experience confronting police violence—and its place in her own history. 

'An HBCU at an Ivy League School': Examining the History of Du Bois College House

Residents and alumni of Du Bois turn to the house’s past as they grapple with its future. 

Going Global

Penn students spend semesters in countries rocked by political conflicts.

The Daily Grind: Behind the Scenes at Wilcaf

What makes Williams Café, Penn's student-run coffee shop, a community rather than just a business?
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