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Ellie Levitt


Top 5: Dancin' Fever

Add some rhythm to your week by checking out these dance performances that combine sleek moves with video installations and martial arts.

One-night Exhib(lit)

Head west on Baltimore this Saturday night to see literature go visual and audible in “BOOKED!”

DIY: <3 Bookmark

Begin by cutting a square of paper 5 in. x 5 in. Then follow these simple instructions: [gallery columns="1"]

Philly Arts Websites

With only so much space each week, Arts can’t possibly cover all things local and creative. And that’s where these amazing sites step in — click, drool, repeat.

Strauss in the Open

Take a Saturday afternoon to hop on the 43 Bus and see four of Zoe Strauss’s photographic billboards. On your way, grab some tacos, ‘tiques and screen–printed tees.

Day With(out) Art

In the pandemic's 30th year, HIV/AIDS still affects over 30,000 Philadelphians. Take action and mourn for those who have suffered by joining Philly in the Day With(out) Art.

Exhibit Review: About to Blow

Introspective, subtly humorous and unusually explosive, Tim Belknap's solo debut is well worth a Market–Frankford ride to Northern Liberties.

Top 5 Must Sees at Live Arts & Philly Fringe

Ditch the Natty Light for the limelight this weekend as Philly’s annual culture fest comes to a close.

Amplified Simplicity: Claes Oldenburg's presence in Philadelphia and worldwide

1960s After graduating from Yale University, Oldenburg moved to New York City, where he and a group of artists challenged Abstract Expressionism with a performance art project called “Happenings” — partly scripted, partly spontaneous theatrical vignettes.

Feeling Small

With his striking photography, Penn grad Tetsugo Hyakutake humbles humanity in the face of its own colossal creations.

Review: J.Karma

Swap a plane ticket to Indonesia for a trip to this Old City boutique.

Review: The Peacock Male at the PMA

I wanna see your peacock.

Review: Rising Tide

Asian diner is perfect for the late–night drunchies.

Review: Jet Wine Bar

Within 24 hours of reopening the South Street Bridge, archaeologist Jill Weber gave West Philadelphians an intoxicating incentive to test the new pavement.
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