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Emily Lasky


September new shows

Private Practice, Wed, 9/26 at 9 p.m. on ABC Don't know if you've heard about this one yet, it's kind of flown under the radar.

Hollywood hotshots

These guys and gals may be all over Hollywood - big screen, small screen, behind the camera, in front of it, possibly on the side of it - but they all come from the same place: the University of Pennsylvania.

ACEs wild

There is so much blood in Smokin' Aces that Joe Carnahan makes Quentin Tarantino look like a pansy. Writer-director Joe Carnahan (Narc) weaves together a story about bloodthirsty, money-hungry hitmen trying to take down Vegas entertainer Buddy "Aces" Israel (Jeremy Piven) before he can snitch on his Mob contacts to the Feds (Ray Liotta, Ryan Reynolds). The dialogue is as fast and dirty as the gunplay in a film that is darkly funny and, funnily enough, somewhat serious, too.

Steve Carell: the man, the myth, the virgin

Street had an exclusive phone interview with Steve Carell - writer, actor, former 40-year-old virgin - on September 14 to hear his thoughts on his film and TV career.

Ice, Ice Mammoth

The key difference between Ice Age and Ice Age: The Meltdown is really just that everything is melting.

FreedomLand Rings

Racial tension is sometimes a cop-out for filmmakers, a way of increasing dramatic tension while diverting the audience's attention away from poor casting.

Hot hot heat

Street: How were you able to get into the character of the evil Bill Cox? It's something that's quite out of the norm for your career, and I was wondering what it was like and did you ever find yourself morally repulsed because you have real kids now.


Playwright Michael Hollinger is a classically trained violinist, and his knowledge and background in music wonderfully envelops and reverberates throughout Opus. The play follows a string quartet as it prepares to perform Beethoven's Opus 131 at the White House.

Many Seamen

In Annapolis, James Franco plays Jake Huard, a shipyard worker who joins the U.S. Naval Academy.

Food for Thought

For most of us here at Penn, finding good food is a bit of a challenge. Either we are bound by a meal plan, a stringent budget, and the alluring glow of the computer touch screens at the Wawa hoagie counter.

Scary new world

The scenery in The New World is very pretty. The trees are pretty, the water is pretty, the sun is pretty.

Abstraction of color

Beauford Delaney mixes styles, colors and shapes to present his unique take on the world, and his progression from creating structured cityscapes and portraits to crafting abstract visions can be seen in the exhibit Beauford Delaney: From New York to Paris. The paintings are organized in clusters to reflect specific parts of Delaney's career: his early, more realistic work in New York, a partial recreation of the Pyramid Club exhibit in Philadelphia in 1947, and the abstractions in Paris.

Hello Kitty

You probably walk past it all the time on your way to Monday night Quizo at New Deck, but you never actually stop inside.
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