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Emma Halper


Hark, Hear These Angels Sing!: The Definitive Picks for the Best Renditions of Christmas Music Classics

An entirely objective and indisputable collection of the best Christmas carols

The Silent Race: How the SAG–AFTRA Strike is Affecting Awards Campaigns

Who are the new winners and losers?

Spaghetti and Romance

The power of love and food on film

Supplementary Listening: The Age of the TV Recap Podcast

There’s TV. There’s podcasts. Now, there are podcasts about TV.

Come on Barbie, Let’s Stop the Party

The studio has the movie world in its hands and is making all the wrong moves with its new surge of power.

The Valley Girls Stayed Home

Is this year’s Coachella the swan song to the last decade of mainstream culture?

All the New Rage (Gallons)

Adults just learned what a BORG is, and they’re concerned.

The Politics of Law (Roach)

The stylist to the stars, Law Roach, is stepping away from the red carpet. 

Frackets and Beaters and Bears, Oh My!

How Penn’s frat fashions mean more than just the shoes you wear on a Thursday night

From Retweeting to Nominating

Cate Blanchett. Ana de Armas. Michelle Williams. Michelle Yeoh. And … Andrea Riseborough? 

Mommy(‘s Aesthetic) and Me

How influencer moms create careers from their children's cuteness

Hello, LiLo!: Can Lindsay Lohan’s (New) Comeback Stick the Landing?

Hello, LiLo!: Can Lindsay Lohan’s (New) Comeback Stick the Landing?

A Wolf in Frat Guy’s Clothing: The Cautionary Tale of Tell Me Lies

The scandalous streaming show that should be mandatory viewing for girls in college and prohibited content for their parents.

If You’re Gonna Cry, Cry on Beat: ‘Super Freaky Girl’ and the Comfort of Public Trauma Dumping

How Nicki Minaj’s hit has turned into the instrumentation for deeply personal TikTok diary entries. 

Returning Her Calls: It’s Time to Pay Attention to Carly Rae Jepsen

The former almost–superstar is back with The Loneliest Time after a decade of tough luck and an unclear presence.

Bravo’s Most Wanted: When the Worst Real Housewives Are the Best TV

With three housewives in a decade being involved with federal crimes, where is the line between good ethics and good television?

‘Can I Touch You There?’: Inside Hollywood’s Intimacy Coordination Boom

A look into Hollywood’s mixed feelings about the industry’s new sex–scenes standards.

Lowering the Chandelier: What ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Closing Means for Broadway

The final bow of Broadway's longest running show may very well be the final bow for an era of musical theater.

The Return of the Sitcom: How 'Abbott Elementary' Is Reviving the Network Comedy

Meet ABC’s new hit comedy that's returning the sitcom to glory by sticking to its most successful form.
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