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Evan Qiang


Avril Lavigne’s ‘Love Sux’ Attempts to Reclaim Past Glory

On her seventh studio album, Lavigne strives to mimic the sound that made her popular in the first place. 

How Chef Diana Widjojo Is Highlighting Indonesian Cuisine and Culture

The co–owner of restaurant Hardena is making Indonesian food more popular than ever.

For Indie Musicians, Fortnite is the Last Straw

Epic Games' acquisition of Bandcamp foreshadows a bleak future for independent music.

Taylor Swift and Moses Sumney: Studies in 'Aromanticism'

On two of their respective albums, these seemingly disparate artists explore a love that exists beyond sex, relationships, and marriage. 

What's a Musician, and Why Does it Even Matter?

In light of Damon Albarn and Taylor Swift's Twitter beef, it's time for us to reconsider who is and isn't a songwriter.

Universities Are Recognizing Their Role in the Climate Crisis. Penn’s Policies Remain Outdated

More universities have committed to fossil fuel divestment. Why hasn’t Penn?

Vinyl Sales Are at an All–Time High. Manufacturers Can’t Keep Up.

Following massive releases from Adele and Ed Sheeran, small artists are having trouble releasing their albums on vinyl.

40 Years Later, ABBA Remains Pop’s Most Influential Trailblazers

The Swedish pop juggernauts continue to reinvent the wheel.

The Controversy Behind JPEGMAFIA’s ‘LP!’ Reveals the Problem With Music Labels

‘LP!’ has some of the rapper’s best songs, but its gems cannot be found on official streaming services.

Alessia Cara Explores Her Inner Fishbowl on ‘In The Meantime’

Every challenge is an additional exhibit within Cara's self–contained bubble.

Are Music Reviews Really That Important?

Pitchfork and other publications have stopped caring about the music.

Trader Joe’s and Their Racist Rhetoric

Why is Trader Joe’s so insistent with their insensitive product labels?

Little Simz's ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ is the Best Rap Album in Years

The artist takes listeners on an hour–long journey into the constantly fluctuating life of an introvert.

Halsey’s 'If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power' is a Testament to Their New Musical Direction

Collaborating with two former members of Nine Inch Nails, Halsey discusses the difficulties of motherhood on their fourth album.

Remembering Aaliyah: R&B Icon and Pioneer

Aaliyah’s music is finally streaming 20 years after her death, but it isn’t without controversy.

Jack Antonoff Shares His Love for New Jersey on ‘Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night’

On his third solo album, Antonoff shifts away from his increasingly repetitive production style.

Are Influencers the Key to Reversing Vaccine Hesitancy?

As vaccination rates continue to decrease, social media stars could turn things around.

Behind the Algorithm: How AI Silences Small Creators

A war is brewing between small content creators and Big Tech.

Dear USAG: Treat Your Gymnasts Better

On ‘Golden’: a glimpse into the lives of elite gymnasts that reveals the corrupt organization behind them.

MIKE Reshapes Rap’s Anatomy on ‘Disco!’

The 22-year-old rapper and producer pushes the boundaries of an already diverse genre.
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