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Evan Qiang


Alessia Cara Explores Her Inner Fishbowl on ‘In The Meantime’

Every challenge is an additional exhibit within Cara's self–contained bubble.

Are Music Reviews Really That Important?

Pitchfork and other publications have stopped caring about the music.

Trader Joe’s and Their Racist Rhetoric

Why is Trader Joe’s so insistent with their insensitive product labels?

Little Simz's ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ is the Best Rap Album in Years

The artist takes listeners on an hour–long journey into the constantly fluctuating life of an introvert.

Halsey’s 'If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power' is a Testament to Their New Musical Direction

Collaborating with two former members of Nine Inch Nails, Halsey discusses the difficulties of motherhood on their fourth album.

Remembering Aaliyah: R&B Icon and Pioneer

Aaliyah’s music is finally streaming 20 years after her death, but it isn’t without controversy.

Jack Antonoff Shares His Love for New Jersey on ‘Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night’

On his third solo album, Antonoff shifts away from his increasingly repetitive production style.

Are Influencers the Key to Reversing Vaccine Hesitancy?

As vaccination rates continue to decrease, social media stars could turn things around.

Behind the Algorithm: How AI Silences Small Creators

A war is brewing between small content creators and Big Tech.

Dear USAG: Treat Your Gymnasts Better

On ‘Golden’: a glimpse into the lives of elite gymnasts that reveals the corrupt organization behind them.

MIKE Reshapes Rap’s Anatomy on ‘Disco!’

The 22-year-old rapper and producer pushes the boundaries of an already diverse genre.

How the Billboard Charts Became a Battleground for Stans and Label Executives

Each week, a new winner prevails. The cost? Up to $100,000.

Wolf Alice Returns with Their Magnum Opus ‘Blue Weekend’

The band takes the listener on an enthralling tale through the mayhem of life.

It's Time to Reform Award Shows

Ratings have reached new lows. Nominees are boycotting. Are award shows over?

On “Un Canto por Mexico, Vol. 2" Natalia Lafourcade Pays Tribute to Personal and National History

Lafourcade celebrates Mexico's rich culture by covering some of the country's most popular folk songs. 

CHAI Has 20/20 Vision on WINK

Despite drawing on new influences, the quartet never loses its focus on bubblegum pop.

Jorja Smith Dissects the Heart on 'Be Right Back'

In this follow–up to her impressive debut album, Smith dives deeper into the intricacies of love.

‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ is Just as Magical as the Original

Improved vocals and production make the first of Swift's re–recorded albums a success. 

On ‘To See the Next Part of the Dream,’ Parannoul Grapples with His Past

Moments of positivity are rare on the artist’s honest and despondent sophomore album.

Selena Gomez Has Finally Found Her ‘Revelación’

The Spanish EP follows Gomez’s journey through heartbreak, acceptance, and confidence.
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