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Gabriella Raffetto


Behind the Backlash of Lil Nas X’s 'MONTERO' Music Video

How criticizing Christianity can be empowering

From the Kardashians to 'Sports Illustrated,' Self Acceptance Has Never Been More Confusing.

As Facetune becomes more ubiquitous, is it possible for celebrities to preach body positivity if their livelihood relies on touch-ups?

Zealots, Zodiacs, and Zazen: Gen Z and Spirituality

What the 'New Age' movement is, and what spirituality looks like today

Not Measuring Up: Fighting Food Shame and Self–Blame During COVID–19

The search for sanity during my first year of college has never felt lonelier. 

Celebrating Her: Women's History Month

Recognizing the silenced voices of humanity

Dieting, Depression, and Distortion

How a year of pandemic isolation has negatively impacted body image

Pop Poetry is On the Rise, One Line at a Time

How the genre is casting a new light on truth–telling

Badass or Bitch?

The fate of the femme fatale in the 21st century

69th Street: How Sex Un–Education Fails to Prepare Us for Intimacy

In this edition, Focus writer Gabs Raffetto discusses how a lack of sex education in high school left her overly reliant on television for advice.
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