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Gerard Leone


Fish comes out of closet

Don't bother seeing Shark Tale. Instead, watch half of Finding Nemo and chase that with a half-hour of listening to R&B.

A Meow Mixed Bag

I may be dreaming the impossible dream, but I dreamt of a Catwoman review that somehow avoided not only feline puns, but dominatrix jokes at the same time.

Back to Wizard World

The Potterphobic won't go to see the film. The Potterphilic will be compelled by overwhelming hype. On the sidelines, probably dragged by their Potterphilic friends, will be those who balk at the idea of seeing the movie before reading the books. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will not disappoint the two latter groups.

R-Rated Pornography

We're all relatively acquainted with the slew of coming-of-age teen comedies wherein implausibly attractive high school students overcome the bounds of social status, find love and provide a fortune cookie-sized moral to the tune of "Teenage Wasteland." The recipe works, though it usually makes for movies so saccharine that diabetics crumple to the floor of America's movie theaters.
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