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Greg Maughan


Four letter words

Director Scott Roberts' first movie, The Hard Word, is the movie Guy Ritchie should have made last summer when he was otherwise busy destroying his career with the Madonna bomb Swept Away. Originally filmed under the title Blood and Guts, this hyperactive Aussie crime-flick bombards the audience with a jumble of new and re-used ideas that somehow add up to a very enjoyable film.

Predictable, in a good way

As a heist movie The Italian Job is more predictable than a holdup at Commerce Bank, but it proves that knowing what happens next isn't a sin.

Two parties match wits in debate

Houston Hall was host to a virtual orgy of political wit, wisdom and rhetoric as the College Republicans clashed with the College Democrats as part of the Penn Forum Tuesday night. With nothing off limits, discussion turned heated as panelists covered topics such as abortion, gun control and tax policy. After both sides delivered brief opening statements, moderator and Wharton professor Charles Forer fielded and helped clarify questions -- in addition to trying in vain to limit the time each side spent responding. Asked about what they thought their parties could do to attract more minorities and increase diversity, each group took a different approach. The Republicans chose to emphasize their record of support for minorities. "We're the party of Lincoln," College Republicans Chair Dan Gomez said.

Steak in the Heart

After years of unsuccessfully chasing women, I can finally confess that nothing satisfies me more than a big hunk of meat in my mouth -- along with a one pound baked potato and anything else the Marmont Steakhouse and Bar wants to feed me. Billing itself as Old City's only steakhouse, Marmont is located at 2nd and Market, but pretends it is in the middle of SoHo.
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