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Harshita Gupta


Why British Panel Shows are the Best Quarantine Watch

With their lack of competition and easy–going structure, these shows make for the perfect distraction.

Why Case Shows Never End Well

Shows like "Criminal Minds" are great—until they aren't. What makes their endings so unfulfilling?

How 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' Caters to the Female Gaze

A beautiful film that focuses on the artistic value of women's lives.

'Picard' is a Modern Update on the Idealism of Star Trek

A science fiction show that explores the moral consequences of its past.  

Kristen Schaal: Animation's Most Memorable Voice

Kristen Schaal's talent has defined the best-known animated characters of the last decade. 

A Love Letter to Bollywood

Growing up on Indian cinema, an ode to love and emotionality. 

Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens, and Not Much Else

Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens is nothing special. But considering its star's success, maybe it doesn't have to be. 

Dolittle: Another Amazing Cast Trapped in Hell Together

Pirates, Dragons and Anal Fisting—oh my.

How Streaming Services are Revolutionizing Indian Television

How web series became India's most groundbreaking entertainment.

Schitt's Creek: The Sincere Sitcom

Now on its sixth and final season, this Canadian show has thrived on stories with unapologetic emotion. 

Living with Climate Change–Induced Hopelessness

How am I supposed to focus on anything when the threat of climate change hangs over my head?

Why Are Dystopian Authors Making a Return to the Worlds They Created?

Margaret Atwood and Suzanne Collins have recently come back with additions to their most well–known works. What are they trying to tell us about the world we're living in?

The Best Young Adult LGBT Novels I've Read During College

The YA section is full of hidden gems, and we picked some out for you.

Not Even Paul Rudd's Charm Can Save 'Living With Yourself'

Netflix's 'Living With Yourself' has a great cast and interesting premise, but it doesn't follow through.

Disney Needs More LGBTQ Characters in its Children's Movies

All children deserve positive LGBT representation in film and television. Who are the major players in the industry now, and who needs to step up?

Why You Should Listen to Fiction Podcasts

Podcasts are on the rise, but many listeners have yet to dive into the immersive fictional worlds that the medium has to offer.
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