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Harshita Gupta


Shang–Chi Doesn't Have to Be Great Cinema—Because It's Fun

Marvel's latest release boasts its first Asian protagonist in a film that's packed with fun. 

Penn 10: Adam Konkol

There's no such thing as free time or work when you love what you do, even if it's being a student, a teacher, and a researcher all at once.

'Minari' Tenderly Explores Family and Sacrifice

The film is an emotional character–driven study of what it means to be a part of a family.  

How Hollywood Lags Behind on Indian Representation

Why does British media feature more Indian and Pakistani actors and characters than the United States?

Why I Love 2005's 'Pride & Prejudice'

Though a controversial adaptation, 2005's 'Pride and Prejudice' endures and inspires genuine emotion.

An Update on Dropout: Speaking to CollegeHumor CEO Sam Reich

Speaking with CEO Sam Reich about the future of CollegeHumor and internet sketch comedy as a whole. 

How a Historical British Detective Show Integrates Representation

British detective show, 'Endeavour,' slips well–integrated, casual representation into the fabric of its mysteries. 

Talking to Brennan Lee Mulligan About His DnD Show, 'Dimension 20'

The let's play show is back for another season—and its creator is putting an anti–capitalist spin on the board game.

A Review of CollegeHumor's Streaming Service: Dropout

Yeah, it's weird for an internet sensation like CollegeHumor to have their own streaming service. But its original content is worth a subscription.

A Love Letter to My Favorite Movie: 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'

'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' focuses on friendship, filmmaking, and adolescence, making it iconic among indie films. 

Don't Watch Disney's 'Mulan': There's a Better Option

Disney's 'Mulan' is a disappointing, bland adaptation of the beloved animated film. Don't waste $40 on it. 

Indian-American Representation in 'Never Have I Ever:' Why It Didn't Excite Me

'Never Have I Ever' is one of the only shows to follow an Indian–American protagonist. However, its representation isn't groundbreaking.

'Ratatouille' is Still the Best Film About Food

Nothing has made me appreciate food more than Pixar's 2007 film 'Ratatouille'.

Profits Over Plot: Why Live–Action Adaptions of Animated Children's Shows Fail

The original creators left the Netflix live adaptation of "Avatar: The Last Airbender." Why do live adaptations of animations always go wrong?

How Diverse Podcasts Make Film and Television Look Bland

Fiction podcasts regularly integrate diversity and queerness in their stories. Why can't mainstream entertainment catch up?

Why British Panel Shows are the Best Quarantine Watch

With their lack of competition and easy–going structure, these shows make for the perfect distraction.

Why Case Shows Never End Well

Shows like "Criminal Minds" are great—until they aren't. What makes their endings so unfulfilling?

How 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' Caters to the Female Gaze

A beautiful film that focuses on the artistic value of women's lives.

'Picard' is a Modern Update on the Idealism of Star Trek

A science fiction show that explores the moral consequences of its past.  

Kristen Schaal: Animation's Most Memorable Voice

Kristen Schaal's talent has defined the best-known animated characters of the last decade. 
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