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Isabella Simonetti


Ego of the Week: Annabelle Williams

A final word with Street's former leader

Still Loving What I've Lost

While I outgrew childhood distractions, I never quite outgrew worrying.

Life After Antidepressants

We've begun to destigmatize medication for depression. What's less frequently discussed is what happens when it’s time to stop the drugs.

Delivered to your Door—Birth Control?

The app that’ll change how you obtain your prescription birth control, all without seeing a doctor.

Getting to Know CityStep Before Their Spring Show

The dance group's spring show opens Friday, April 27. 

The Signal Is Combatting Pre–Professionalism One Card Game at a Time

This Penn club is encouraging students to explore careers and passions outside coding and consulting.

Patricia Jia Talks Competing on Jeopardy!

This Penn senior competed in the 'Jeopardy! College Championship'—catch it this Friday night!

Your Guide to Queer Pop Star Hayley Kiyoko

Just in time for her new album coming out March 30th. 

Tasty, Unfinishable Burritos at Tres Jalapenos

To satisfy your Tex–Mex cravings after Frontera is closed

Up–and–coming Feminist Singer Ella Vos on Motherhood and Music

The singer–songwriter spoke to Street about performing, her creative process, and #MeToo.

Confessions of a Fame Whore

What it means to be in love with the limelight.

Qdoba at 40th Street to Temporarily Close for Renovations

The Qdoba Mexican Grill just west of Penn is closing indefinitely for remodeling. 

Sorority rush failed me. It will fail again.

Why I can't trust the process after rushing at Penn.

I'm done hiding my sexuality to fit in.

For years, I have tucked my sexuality behind strands of my thick, blonde hair and the thread of preppy clothing.


The Temporality of Freshman Friends
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