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Jacob Pollack


From Sidewalk to Studio 8H: The SNL Stand–By Experience

Trying to get tickets to SNL is not very glamorous, but getting the chance to watch the show live is a moment you’ll never forget. 

In 'Don’t Worry Darling,' Miss Flo shines as Harry “I–Can’t–Act” Styles stumbles

'Don’t Worry Darling' looks gorgeous, but its acting and pacing drag the film significantly.

Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Is a Resounding Yes

After watching Peele’s newest thriller, you’ll never look at clouds the same way again.

Stranger Things 4: Bigger Stakes, Same Formula

Netflix’s Golden Goose, Stranger Things, has released its fourth mega–size season that resembles a blockbuster movie more than a TV show.

Rom–Com Legend Nancy Meyers Is Back to Save the Genre

Enough of the trashy, dime–a–dozen rom–coms. Here's what to expect in Nancy Meyers' upcoming collaboration with Netflix.

A Multifaceted Multiverse: Daniels' 'Everything Everywhere All at Once'

Led by Michelle Yeoh’s incredible performance, 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' is a bittersweet family drama that also happens to be a multiverse movie.

What You Missed at the Oscars, Minus the Slap

The ceremony featured moving speeches and a Best Picture win that represented streaming services' expansive takeover in Hollywood. 

Saad’s Halal Restaurant’s Falafels and Sandwiches Are Worth the Trek

Saad’s Halal Restaurant, located at 45th and Walnut streets, has a great atmosphere that serves even greater halal food. 

How Reese Witherspoon Went Beyond (Legally) Blonde

This Oscar–winning actress has created one of the most successful production companies in Hollywood right now. 

Jon M. Chu: “I wanted to paint what it feels like to be a dreamer.”

34th Street speaks with Jon M. Chu, director of 'In the Heights' and 'Crazy Rich Asians,' about his college days and being a leader for representation in Hollywood.

Euphoria’s Glitz and Glamor Can't Hide its Flawed Storyline

In a writer’s room of one, Sam Levinson’s Euphoria season two triumphs in its creative and visual decisions, but leaves behind fragmented and unresolved storylines. 

Hollywood’s Colorism Problem: Where has Lupita Nyong’o been?

Nyong’o should be one of Hollywood's most in–demand actresses. But now she mainly resides on magazine covers.

In Defense of Che Diaz

Yes, Che Diaz sucks. But the most controversial character in 'And Just Like That...' also brought the "sex" back into the city.

Are Penn Students Experiencing “Superhero Fatigue?”

Some fans have become increasingly burned out from the redundant storylines of comic book movies and shows.

Studying on a Film Set: Penn’s Famous Movie Locations

While Los Angeles and New York universities might boast the most film sets, Penn is also home to some of Hollywood’s greatest movies. 

The Grim Fate of Movie Theaters: Nothing but Comic Book Movies

2021 box office numbers showed that audiences prefer “event” franchise movies to indie or star–driven films.

Award–Winning Penn Filmmaker Eli Ricanati on his Gripping Short Film, 'The Frontiers Are My Prison'

Eli Ricanati’s new short film is an impressive and mature story on consciousness and creativity. 

Kristen Stewart’s 'Spencer' is the Best (and Hopefully Last) Portrayal of Princess Diana

The movie is a haunting tale of Princess Diana’s Christmas with the Royal Family as she grapples with an impending divorce.

Wes Anderson’s Most Wes Anderson Movie Yet: 'The French Dispatch'

The film, which opened nationwide on Oct. 22nd, has all of the signature Wes Anderson trademarks—minus an endearing story. 

Airing One’s Own Funeral: The 2021 Emmy Awards

For a mostly predictable Emmy Awards, this year's telecast was nothing less than a horror show for its host, CBS.
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