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James Beaver


Out-of-Print Culture

Mark Moscowitz's film debut Stone Reader follows the director as he searches for Dow Mossman, the one-book author of Stones of Summer, a would-be seminal novel from 1972 that has since gone out of print.

We Cannes Do It

The 12th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival, presented by TLA Entertainment and the Philadelphia Film Society, will take place on April 3 - 16.

Real American Hero

The war against terrorism is tricky business. There's the color-coded Homeland Security warning system, and then there's the invasion of Iraq--just a few of the many steps taken by the government to eliminate the always-enigmatic terrorist.

Film: Change of heart

Tired of the traditional, estrogen-laden Valentine's Day fare? If so, check out these alternative takes on the romance genre for Hallmark's favorite holiday. Silence of the Lambs Meet Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster). She's a promising young professional, looking for a good time and a serial killer who skins his victims alive.

Marital Mayhem Like Butter

Jerry Schiff is having a bad day: trying to avoid a mob of reporters, he ran into Martina Navratilova's electrical fence, helicopters passing over his Malibu home have rattled pictures off the wall and worst of all, Arnold Schwarzenegger's humvee is blocking his driveway.

Film Review: All About the Ben Jamins

2 Stars It was at eight years old that I first felt an inexplicable connection to Ice Cube. N.W.A songs like "Gangsta, Gangsta" and "Fuck the Police" reached out to me in a way that R.E.M.
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