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Jeff Levin


My Pet Movie

His eyes droopy and features looking deprived of melanin, the instantly recognizable Mike White sits lethargically on a couch in a Four Seasons hotel room overlooking Logan Square.

directing '300'

In the wake of such epics as Troy and Kingdom of Heaven, one imagines director Zack Snyder's 300, about the Roman Battle of Thermopylae, would have had little trouble getting picked up in Hollywood.

2007 Golden globe awards recap

Since 1944, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been doling out its luminous Golden Globes to overpaid filmmakers and TV stars.

Ghetto fabulous

Like his emotionally explosive films (The Notebook and John Q among them), Nick Cassavetes's mere appearance demands attention.

Hindsight is 20/20

D‚j… Vu 3 Stars Directed by: Tony Scott Starring: Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer Rated: R Popular science fiction has been more than eager to explore theories of time travel, from the wildly popular Back to the Future series to the more cultish Primer and even an episode of "The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror." Most of these stories subscribe to one of two mutually exclusive theories: either time is a straight, predestined line with all events past, present and future already established; or time is alterable, a tree that branches every time Doc Brown and Marty push the DeLorean past 88 mph.

Where would Jesus camp?

Perhaps the most frightening movie Americans see this Halloween is neither Saw III nor The Grudge 2 but a documentary about evangelical Christians called Jesus Camp.

From wharton to hollywood

Very little of Johnny Was is typical, least of all its genesis. Produced and financed by Ben Katz (Wharton and Nursing '01, MBA '02), the film provides a down-and-dirty look at a violent urban ghetto in the United Kingdom - and launches the filmmaking career of a notable Penn grad. With Johnny, Katz, still in his mid-20s, establishes himself as something of a Renaissance man in the independent film scene.

Kiss and Tell

Zach Braff swept young audiences off their feet in Scrubs and Garden State. This week, Braff - starring in the new romantic drama The Last Kiss, opening tomorrow - discussed music, marriage and his latest film with the editors. Street: As a director from Garden State, was it a relief to go back to acting on film?

George clooney never saw an egg mcmuffin he didn't like

Good Night, and Good Luck director George Clooney produces and stars in the hot new political thriller Syriana, about the ins and outs of the global oil business.

The Future of 'Star Wars'

They are the words that aspiring Jedi Masters and Sith Lords have dreaded for years: "This is it. We've done Episode I through Episode VI and there won't be anymore films at all.

Film interview: David Lynch

Four-time Academy Award nominee David Lynch, director of such contemporary classics as The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, is currently touring colleges around the U.S.

We killed sauron...now what?

Originally a graphic novel published by DC Comics last year, A History of Violence offers complex but uninspiring drama.

EllE Is Dead

For a romantic comedy that borrows considerably from Ghost, Just Like Heaven is about three times sweeter and funnier than it has any right to be.

A Total Bummer

In My Country does not take place in South Africa during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of 1996, in which the many victims of the brutal apartheid regime confronted their torturers.

Alexander the gay

Oliver Stone's bloated new epic Alexander is really, really gay. Overt male homoeroticism pervades almost every other scene.

I want to defy

Before Dr. Alfred Kinsey's 1948 book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male exploded onto the bestseller list, Americans believed all sorts of crazy things about sex: that masturbation causes blindness, dancing spreads venereal disease and wearing high heels can make a woman sterile.

Don't See-Saw

Don't bother seeing Saw, a stupefyingly stupid exercise in cinematic sadism. Written and directed by two Australian newcomers, this surprise Sundance Film Festival hit spirals into convolution from scene one. Adam and Lawrence (co-writers Leigh Whannel and English hambone Cary Elwes) wake up chained to rusty pipes in an underground bathhouse, the latest victims-to-be of the Jigsaw Killer.
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