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Jennifer Zuckerman


Weighing the Options

It's officially that time of the year again. The weather's getting colder, the days are getting shorter and it's getting tougher to muster the strength to walk to class (or to Smoke's) depending on your proclivities.

Whacking Bush

At first glance Death of a President seems like an anarchist's dream: a mock documentary, set in 2008, which profiles the 2007 assassination of George W.

Betsy Palmer's triumphant return

As someone who has made a few horror films, Felix Diaz is a huge fan of the genre. A man who believes that such films give the viewer "something you can't get from real life," Diaz sought to give horror, sci-fi, fantasy and thriller films the credit they deserve.

Stark raving Mad

Based on the Robert Penn Warren novel and following the 1949 film, All the King's Men depicts the rise and fall of Governor Willie Stark (Sean Penn) through the eyes of his right-hand man, former-journalist Jack Burden (Jude Law). Burden follows Stark through his gubernatorial candidacy, and the corruption that follows his ascent to power through demagoguery.

Ferris Bueller, You're my 'Giro

Looking for a little piece of Italy in Philadelphia? Ever wish you could bring back those memories of your trip to Florence or your semester abroad in Rome?

Not Your Average Frat boy

Aaron Karo may be a 20-something comedian, but he's still a guy with his finger on the college pulse.

Super Mondo Kim's

So, you're the trendsetter, the style maven. You think that Vogue is two months behind the fashion trends.

Be my sugar daddy

Young's has been a part of Philadelphia so long that it is literally a historical landmark -- the interior of the old-fashioned candy store is registered with the Smithsonian.

Bling is in bloom

Jewelry has been a fashion staple since your grandmother wore those white pearls to her afternoon tea.

Two thumbs down

What is the meaning of life? Based on the book by Walter Kirn, the new film Thumbsucker tries, but fails, to provide an answer to this often-asked question.

A Baseball player... again?

In The Upside of Anger, Terry Wolfmeyer (Joan Allen), a cynical mother of four girls, drowns her sorrows in alcohol when her husband leaves her.

Rory has muscular dystrophy

It's easy to expect inspiration with Rory O'Shea Was Here. The film tells of Rory O 'Shea (James McAvoy), a rebellious teen with muscular dystrophy, and his friendship with Michael Connelly (Steven Robertson), a shy boy whose cerebral palsy gives him difficulty speaking.

Imagine Johnny Depp's sword

Humor is blended with gravity, and fantasy with reality, in the enjoyable Finding Neverland. Set in 1903 London, the film chronicles the true story of J.
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