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Jillian Lombardi


Zooming Through Fling

Thoughts on Penn's first hybrid Spring Fling

Sunrise's Audrey Lin and Amalia Hochman on Youth Organizing in Philadelphia

Amalia and Audrey dive into the work they do on Sunrise's middle and high school support team

Hey First Years, Here's How to Not Let Your Phone Ruin Your First Semester at Penn

Follow these simple steps and your phone won't become your foe!

Important Conversations To Have With Your Germ Pod

Important chats for our new normal.

What's in a Name?

Exploring the 2020 referendum to change Rhode Island's name

Weingarten's Remote Tutoring Services are Saving the Penn Academic Experience

I was skeptical about virtual tutoring, but it really works. 

A Playlist for If You are Desperately Missing Philly

The history behind your favorite Philadelphia—themed tunes.
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