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John Carroll


Let's talk about text baby

Do you like sex? Do you like writing about sex? Do you think people that write about sex are really sexy? Do you think helping people that write about sex write about sex is sexy? This is Jessica Haralson's hook for Quake, an erotica literary magazine forming at Penn.

Word on the street: Coming up Catholic

Our teachers would convene in the back of the gym basement, drinking coffee and eyeing us suspiciously.

My power, my pleasure, my pain

Any good musician wakes up in the morning with this thought in his head: "Today, I'm going to write the greatest song in the world." This mantra is what drives anyone in the business. But, when Seal wakes up in the morning, he says, "Today, I'm going to write the greatest song in the world.

Burger time

Morgan Spurlock's had a pretty good year -- he had the top documentary, Super Size Me, at the box office until Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 bumped him down to number two.

The President of the United States

Matt Klapper's run as President of the Class of 2005 has been memorable. While he may not receive the J-Ro treatment as his final term comes to a close, many Penn students are tossing around phrases like "Matt Klapper dynasty." Street sat down with Klapper to talk about his rise to Ivy League fame. You have 432 friends on Facebook.

Fair and balanced

Like many correspondents before him, Ed Helms has used The Daily Show's success to rise to new heights.

Let's ketchup with Andre

Andre Heinz, stepson of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, has hit the road, travelling across the nation to talk about the environment and youth voter turnout.

Let the bodies hit the floor

Zom-coms may be a one-film genre, but it should already be your favorite. Street sat down with Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg (Shaun) and Nick Frost (Ed) to talk about zombies, genitals and Coldplay's Chris Martin.

It's a Bird, it's a Plane...

If you're looking to get some wind in your face -- and if letting the El rush past you just isn't cutting it -- take a trip to Six Flags Theme Park before the summer packs up and leaves.

His View's Askew, Too

Zach Braff, star of NBC's Scrubs, makes his directorial debut with Garden State, which he also wrote and stars in.

Philling Up

As you walk into the Left Field Entrance at Citizens Bank Park, the new Philadelphia Phillies baseball stadium in South Philadelphia, you'll be struck by a few things.

Twist and Shout

Before this week's critics screening of The Village, Touchstone Pictures asked that critics refrain from spoiling critical plot points in the film for the reader.

Hear That Buzz?

Tyrannosaurus Hives is misleading after an inital spin. Compared to the garage band's second album, 2000's Veni Vidi Vicious, this album is cold and slick, very different from the raw Vicious, which had a basic live sound.

Heavy Lifting

The titles on Together We're Heavy, the second album from The Polyphonic Spree, are numbered from 11 to 20, continuing from the first ten sections of the band's debut, The Beginning Stages of... Despite the titling, however, things couldn't be more different on this sophomore effort. The Spree's debut was originally recorded as a demo, and didn't feature many of the current 21 group members.

The Fresh Prince Sours

Will Smith used to be the King of Summer, launching huge blockbusters like Independence Day and Men in Black. After bombing with Wild Wild West, however, Smith has struggled to reach his previous heights.

Tipping The Scales

The Roots know they're on the cusp of entering the upper echelon of rap popularity. Forever championed by critics and underground hip-hop fans, the group has scored hits on their past two albums: "You Got Me" from 1999's Things Fall Apart and "The Seed (2.0)" from 2002's Phrenology. The Tipping Point means many things to the band, including that this album may very well decide if this band is accepted by the general hip-hop populace, or left to be appreciated by those who look hard enough for good hip-hop. Thus, it's rather ballsy that The Tipping Point's first single is "Don't Say Nuthin'," a track in which lead emcee Black Thought rips the bland hip-hop community that isn't saying anything.

Stay Classy, Comedy

With the release of Will Ferrell's new comedy, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, this summer is officially a good one for comedy.

Freedom Fighter

The four-star grade is pretty random. As a film, Fahrenheit 9/11 has its flaws, but as a 2004 event, it's more important than any other movie released in 2004.

Climbing Up The Walls

The original Spider-man was a good film -- in fact, it probably was the best movie to come out of the recent comic book craze in the film industry.

This Flight Is Grounded

Steven Spielberg's is on a roll. Wait, scratch that, he was on a roll. In 1998, Spielberg released Saving Private Ryan, and then followed that acclaimed project with A.I., Minority Report, and Catch Me if You Can over the following four years.
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