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Josephine Cheng


Introducing Anne Ishii: Translator and Editor of Gay Erotic Manga

On breaking boundaries in the literary industry, being the executive director of Philly's Asian Arts Initiative, and bringing niche art to the mainstream

'I is for Institute': The Institute of Contemporary Art's Interactive Digital Project

On exploring the past history, present mission, and future trajectory of art insitutions. 

Meet Professor Janice Lowe, The Multimedia Artist Blurring Lines Between Text and Sound

A professor's insight on her own work and the expansion of multi-media art as a whole. 

Don't Miss "The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical" Live In Philadelphia

How this onstage rendition breathes new life into Rick Riordan's original coming-of-age classic

How to Get Your Dorm Christmas Ready

Because what is Christmas without hot chocolate and marshmallows?

Then / Now / When: Fine Arts Senior Thesis 2019 Preview Exhibition You Should Not Miss

A look into the artistic masterpieces of the class of 2018. 

Alex Fisher: From Capturing Cafe Culture To Penn Student Life Through the Camera Lens

A close-up shot at the Penn senior's love for photography and film.

Open Mic Night at the Kelly Writer's House Speakeasy Where "Poetry, Prose, and Anything Goes"

A celebration of the singers, poets, artists, and writers inside each of us.

Penn Dance and Penn Glee Clubs Presents Recalculating: A Mix of Math, Music, and Motion

Highlights of the 17th annual collaborative performance between Penn Glee Club and Penn Dance.

CaffeiNations: A Celebration of Coffee Around the World

How your average cup of joe is not just a café staple but a cultural staple, too.

The Routes of Slavery: A Musical Memoir Made To Last

Representation of a community's resilience in the face of cruelty.

From Poetry to Performance with the Excelano Project

A behind the scenes look at the Excelano Project's upcoming spoken poetry show, Entropy.

SAS Truly Presented "Friends" at their Cultural Show This Weekend

A celebration of culture, talent, and community with the South Asian Society.

Remembrance of History: The Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial Plaza's Reopening

Understanding history as it should never be repeated. 

What the Sculpture on 34th and Walnut Can Teach You About Overcoming Obstacles

Robinson Fredenthal's "Black Forest" and his story of perseverance against Parkinson's.

The Penn Symphony Orchestra's Phenomenal Tackling of Tchaikovsky

A musical rendition of joy by an orchestral community 100 strong. 

"No Borders" is The Silent Protest You Are Not Hearing

How Molly Crabapple's art in Fishtown addresses the injustice of immigration. 

You Probably Missed Jenny Holzer's Art Installation in Hill Square

The '125 Years of Women at Penn' exhibition is a campus hidden gem
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