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Kate Ratner


West Philly Meets Foodtok

Your next favorite Philly Tik Tok chef only owns one cookbook.

Girls Will Be Girls

Ten years later, Lena Dunham's brainchild still defines the post–grad experience—whether we like it or not

Ego of the Week: Sahiba Baveja

Amid everything on her senior bucket list, this senior can definitely check off being an involved role model at Penn.

'A Form of Resistance': Sex Work on College Campuses

The sex work community, its advocates, and its challenges, according to a Penn graduate student.

To Alan Light, Hallelujah Is Not Just A Song—It’s A Movement

The 'Rolling Stone' rock critic visited the Kelly Writers House on Oct. 13 for a conversation with Penn’s Anthony DeCurtis.

‘Eat with Your Ears First’: The Art of Restaurant Playlisting

How music affects your enjoyment of food, according to a chef and a neuroscientist

Where Singer–Songwriter Meets Popstar: A Conversation with Ella Jane

Ella loves Lorde and Taylor Swift—just like most of her fans—but her songs can actually stand among the best her idols have written.

Who's the 'Funny Girl' Now?

A casting decision bigger than Broadway: fulfilling Lea Michele's dream.

The Irony of Rainbow Capitalism

Why rainbows and pride flags aren’t real representation

Across the Schuylkill

A tale of two Phillies

Harry Styles Invites Us Into His World in 'Harry’s House'

The British star unfolds a new era of his solo career.

Penn 10: Maddy Fair

Maddy envisions a world where being honest about mental health isn't scary.

Underrepresented and Undervalued: Misogyny and Colorism in the Rap Industry

Confronting the real reason behind Penn’s contested Spring Fling 2022 lineup

Indigo De Souza is the Indie–Rock Icon We Should All Be Listening To

The North Carolina–bred artist reclaims the thoughts and feelings we're afraid to confront. 

'Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You' is All Things that Make Feeling Beautiful

Big Thief’s fifth album invites us to find comfort in the human experience.

Philadelphia: The City of Non–⁠Romantic Love

A glimpse into the platonic relationships cultivated in our city

I’ve Made Monthly Spotify Playlists For Three Years, And You Should Too

The greatest gift of musical nostalgia that Spotify Wrapped can't provide

Twee Music: The Forefront of the Gentle Renaissance

As TikTok predicts the return of Twee, we turn back the clock to the music that started it all.

More Than Just Pizza Reviews: The End of Dave Portnoy?

A deep dive into Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports, and every reason we shouldn’t be “Stoolies”

Lucy Dacus Brings The Audience Home During Her Show At Union Transfer

Dacus’ 'Home Video' tour performance reminds us of cherished memories and the ones we wish to forget.
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