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Katie Bontje


Aimee Olexy Wants You To Know Where Your Food Comes From

The co–owner of Talula's Garden on bringing sustainable dining to Philadelphia.

When Gun Violence Hits Home

For students from nearby cities, the effects of the El Paso and Dayton shootings outlast today’s news cycle.

Fusing of Medicine and Performing Arts with Shiv Nadkarni

Penn senior Shiv Nadkarni reveals how his love for both medicine and the performing arts can intersect.

Justin Bean's Double Life as Both a Marine and a Penn Student

Justin shares experiences and life lessons from training at the Marine Officer Candidate School. 

Making Music with Penn's Symphony Orchestra Conductor Thomas Hong

Penn’s Symphony Orchestra conductor reveals what it takes to strive for greatness and passion in the arts.

Penn Hillel Presidents Reflect on Pittsburgh

The three co–presidents of Penn Hillel seek to unify the Penn community in the wake of this tragedy.

How Natives at Penn President Erica Dienes Navigates Two Worlds

She discusses what it is like living on a reservation and the challenges natives face at Penn. 

What’s Buzzing With Penn’s Beekeeping Club

Last winter, the club lost its entire hive to a mite epidemic. This semester, they're trying to rebuild.

Inside 30 Years of Bui's Lunch Truck

Meet Mrs. Bui, the owner behind the legendary food truck on Walnut. 
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