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Kira Wang


Maggie Rogers’ ‘Surrender’ Burns Bright in Its Emotional Catharsis

After a nearly three–year–long hiatus, Rogers’ sophomore album swallows you whole in the best way possible. 

The Mormon Mommy Meltdown, Explained

Influencers and swingers and divorces, oh my. 

Penn 10: Serena Gandhi

Things Serena loves: her grandma, Pottruck, farmers’ markets, and choosing herself above all else. 

Anywhere but Home

Penn’s housing services promise students a “home away from home.” But for some, that promise is broken under the strain of complicated roommate situations and college house policies.

Playboy Bunnies, Hugh Hefner, and the Commodification of Sexual Abuse

It’s not liberating to wear the Playboy bunny logo—it’s just excessively consumerist. 

Netflix’s 'Hype House' Isn’t Just Boring—It’s Sad.

Living in the Hype House was once the pinnacle of TikTok success. Now, it’s just a shallow reminder of the miserable nature of fame. 

Soak in the Holiday Spirit at Philadelphia’s Christmas Village

Featuring festive knick–knacks, holiday lights, and a German food court, the Christmas Village in Center City is the place to be. 

The Golden Egg That Is the Canada Goose

To be honest, they’re not even that cute. 

Would You Die for a Dumptruck?

The truth behind the Brazilian butt lift

Televising Child Abuse: The Rise of the Family Vlogger

What do Tik Tok star Zoe Laverne and YouTube channel 8 Passengers have in common? Child exploitation. 

Gabby Petito and the Case of Missing White Woman Syndrome

Influencer Gabby Petito’s death went viral on social media. But are internet sleuths even helping to solve the case?

Four Ethiopian Restaurants Bringing Flavor to West Philly

Explore Ethiopian cuisine with these four restaurants just minutes away from Penn's campus.

Digital Nomads: 'Workcation' or Colonization?

Working from a vacation destination sounds like a dream, but the reality is more sinister than it seems. 

The Problem with 'White Girl Wellness'

The wellness industry is dominated by white women—here’s why we need to fix it.

We Don’t Always Need to Be 'That Girl'

The “that girl” lifestyle has taken TikTok by storm—but is it even attainable?

Ghost Kitchens: The Restaurant Trend That’s Here to Stay

Mysterious ghost kitchens have been popping up all over Philly, but what exactly are they?

The Lack of AAPI Representation in a Cabinet that “Looks Like America”

President Biden’s lack of AAPI representation in his cabinet is a slap in the face to a community that helped elect him. 

Five Movies About Non–Romantic Love to Watch on Valentine's Day

Here are some movies where romantic love takes a backseat. 

Keeping Up With the Conways

Claudia Conway shouldn’t be considered a Gen Z hero—she’s just a teenager trying to navigate the realities of her abuse. 

Dear Penn: Call Donald Trump Out By Name

Penn’s statement on the Capitol riots isn’t just disappointing, but also dangerously validating. 
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