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Maddie Muldoon


For Pizza Delivery, Call Our Neighbors at Pizza Plus West

A new local spot for bread and cheese lovers, vegans and non–vegans alike

Ego of the Week: Max Kanner

This senior conducts independent mental health research for queer youth. 

Ego of the Week: Jade Gonzalez

Leader, social advocate, set builder, chef, cat lover—what can't Jade do?

Ego of the Week: Namrita Narula

This Wharton senior is also a female founder, community activist, and shameless foodie. 

Ego of the Week: Rowana Miller

Meet the senior who's writing a novel and founding a nonprofit at the same time.

Here's Why Vagrant Coffee Should Be Your Go–To Café

Learn about West Philly's new coffee shop straight from CEO Josh Dew and Manager Caleb McCurley.

It’s Time to Hang Up the Term ”Wife Beater”

Unpacking how the white tank top acquired its infamous nickname.

The Ups and Downs of #AmazonFashion

Amazon is increasing its hold over the fashion industry with its trendy new dresses, swimsuits, and more—but at what cost?

The Definitive Philly Nail Salon Roundup

Looking to add a pop of color to your nails this season? We've got you covered.

Keeping Up With Mia Giovina

The rising TikTok star talks her journey to producing original music and the release of her new song Time Machine. 

Chronicling the History of Smokey Joe’s—Penn’s Most Beloved Bar

Owner Paul Ryan shares the history of Smokey Joe's and how it's survived the test of time—as well as a global pandemic.

Thought Insomnia Cookies Couldn't Get Any Better? Well, Think Again.

I visited Insomnia's new CookieLab "speakeasy" in South Philly. Here's how it went. 

Pandemic Relief Supply Has Delivered Over 200 Million Units of PPE—and It's Not Stopping There

Meet Luka Yancopoulos and Will Danon, the masterminds behind the company that's helped frontline organizations in need.

Meet Audrey and Sophia, Co–Founders of Body Positive UPenn

These rising juniors are cultivating self–love within the Penn community—and learning to accept themselves along the way.

Penn 10: Nabeel Farooqui

This Halo co–founder is a social justice advocate, die–hard Philly sports fan, and chocolate milk enthusiast.

Shrestha Singh Wrote Her Story for 'HuffPost.' Now, She's Telling It to Street

The Penn alumna, spiritual director, storyteller, and therapist–in–training reflects on her viral call to action.

Meet Alex Poscente, the Senior Who Formed a Super Squad of Student Consultants During a Pandemic

Alex's startup, Ivy Insights, helps students and companies navigate the business world during the pandemic.

'Dreaming of Jerusalem': Showcasing the Universal Within the Specific

Learn how this Discovery+ documentary short on the Ethiopian Jewish community became a symbol for shared humanity.

United by Blue Is Back

How UBB both unites the Penn community and protects our oceans

Behind the Counter: How Hummus Grill's Authenticity and Acclaim Endure

Co–owner Yaron Netz talks about the Hummus team's passion and perseverance, despite the challenges of the pandemic. 
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