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Maggie Hennefeld


Word on the street: Mad about Bush

I commenced my senior year at Penn in a fit of political rage. After having spent the summer and fall of 2004 canvassing for the John Kerry campaign, and the following spring abroad in Paris ignoring the results of the election, I returned to the States in June of 2005 only to be bombarded by torrents of Bush-friendly media images.

Person on the street

Due to an overwhelming level of recent interest in Penn's squirrel community, this week, Street has decided to feature an exclusive interview with a campus squirrel. Street: Were you born on campus, Squirrel? Campus Squirrel: No, my family emigrated from war-torn Czechoslovakia after the Iron Curtain fell in '89.

Greater philadelphia student film festival

The Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival "is going to be amazing," asserts Brian Walsh, a Cinema Studies Major and festival co-organizer with Sara Axelrod.

Slevin years bad luck

Lucky Number Slevin is a veritable melting pot of film styles, buzz-inducing high concepts and A-list actors.

Time-rusted stone

There is absolutely no room in 2006 for Sharon Stone's 48-year-old breasts. Since Basic Instinct 2 sports scarcely any other images -- excepting car crashes and endlessly-recurring exteriors of large phallic buildings which can all be read as metaphors for Sharon Stone's breasts -- I am going to venture that there is no room in 2006 for Basic Instinct 2. A sad attempt to revive the '80s/'90s sex thriller genre, Basic Instinct 2 suffers from severe temporal confusion.

Person on the street: Marvelous Wisdom

Street: How did you get into the record store industry? Michael Heinzer: Well, my friend Milan Marvelous wanted to open a record store -- Street: Wait, his name is actually Marvelous? MH: Yeah, Milan Marvelous. Street: Is that his given name? MH: No, I think when they got married, they decided to change it to Marvelous.

Watch me watch

Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! pioneers the documentary "concert film" as a democratic and participatory medium.

Person on the street

Street: How long have you been working here? Jim Steel: Since February of '99, but I've been coaching since '89 in North Carolina. Street: Are you an athlete yourself? JS: I played front line at football in college.

It's Smokin' Hot

Jason Reitman's Thank You for Smoking depicts the plight of Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart), a propaganda-spouting cigarette industry mogul whose dubious business ethics haunt his tender relationship with his 12-year-old son.

Word on the street

Earlier this semester, my friend Thessaly La Force and I made a nine-minute documentary about student activism in New York City.

Old school'd

Street: How would you describe your bookstore's role in the community? You're kind of sandwiched between a variety of large corporate industries. Larry Moltz: Oh, we're much better than them.


Street: How long have you been working at the deli counter? Lauren: A little over two years. Street: Do lots of odd things happen here on a regular basis? L: Well there's not too many people that come up and ask for interviews; that's kinda odd... Street: What's like the weirdest thing you've ever gotten a request for? L: On Monday, someone asked, "Can you put ketchup on that?" Street: On a sandwich? L: Yeah, on a hoagie.

Big Momma's In Da House

Director John Whitesell literalizes tropes of gender and racial identity confusion in his Big Momma's House 2, which meditates upon the nuanced difficulties of existing in society as an obese African-American woman, while in reality being a skinny black man.

Happy Birthday

This week's campus profile was supposed to feature an exclusive interview with Career Service's one and only Peggy Curchack.

Word on the street: Everybody Must Get Stoned

Last week I attended my first communist youth rally as a token gesture toward the burgeoning popularity of Penn's Soviet youth culture.

Word on the street: Back to the Future

This summer I did a great deal of self-evaluation. I thought about the upcoming experience of being a senior and the culmination of a very pleasant little educational track that benevolent forces had seemed to guide me along.

Shark tale sucks balls

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been beacons of comedic success ever since South Park hit the screens in 1997.

The salem witch

When one hears the name Joan Crawford, an image of a frenzied Faye Dunaway sporting a green sleeping mask with larger-than-life eyebrows might come to mind, accompanied by the phrase, "no more wire hangers!" How could an actress whose celebrity outlasted the average movie star's by at least four decades suffer such a rapid and humiliating post-mortem decline of reputation?


Tim Corrigan, chair of Penn's brand new Cinema Studies major, gives the program two thumbs up. Tell us about the new film major at Penn. There's been a film program and minor at Penn for about five years now.

Put Him OUT

The special effects are outstanding. After viewing the trailer, I thought they would be all I had to look forward to.
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