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Melannie Jay


Video On Demand is No Replacement for Theatrical Releases

Some things were just meant for the big screen.

Why Are All the Bands Getting Back Together?

How the Jonas Brothers and MCR kicked off 2020's weirdest musical trend.

Why Billie Eilish Isn't the New Lorde

Not all teen music powerhouses are made the same.

Thrice's 'Vheissu' Anniversary Tour Defines Post–Hardcore

Every band in the lineup put their own spin on an ill–defined, fantastic genre.

'BoJack Horseman' Sticks the Landing

The animated tragicomedy's final season is bittersweet, heartbreaking, and flawless.

Mac Miller's 'Circles' Provides a Touching Conclusion to the Artist's Work

The rapper's posthumous album is a mature mediation on life and death.

'Good Luck Everybody' is AJJ at Their Most Cautiously Optimistic

Veteran folk punks find hope amidst bleakness on their new album.

Instrumental Metal is the Study Music You Didn't Know You Needed

Complex guitar riffs and a driving beat to keep you engaged, but not distracted.

Bikini Kill Is Back

A look back at the careers of these riot grrrl icons as they announce their first tour in over 20 years.

Hotel of the Laughing Tree Offers Something for Everyone

These Long Island rockers and their DIY ethic appeal to fans of every genre.

What the Break–ups of Philly's Biggest Emo Bands Means for the Scene

With mewithoutYou, Modern Baseball, and Balance and Composure gone, who is left to take their place?

Sleater–Kinney Takes the Riot Grrrl Renaissance To the Fillmore

Even without longtime drummer Janet Weiss, the band is as loud, fast, and angry as ever.

The My Chemical Romance Reunion: What You Need To Know

Since the band's breakup in 2013, emo fans have eagerly awaited this day.

How The Met Became One of Philly's Dominant Concert Venues

In less than a year, an abandoned opera house has become a focal point of the local music scene.

The Head and the Heart Brought Community to The Met

Even in sadder, softer moments, a sense of comfort prevailed between entertainer and audience.

The Menzingers' 'Hello Exile' is a Great Non–Punk Album by a Punk Band

If punk is the music of growing up, then this record is the sound of getting old.

The 'Emo Revival' Drudges Up a Genre Debate

New Philly bands and a Fall Out Boy renaissance spark more infighting about what makes a true emo band.

It's Time to Let the Encore Die

What was once a reward for a stellar audience has become tired tradition.

grandson's 'End of the Beginning' Tour Unites Punks and Hip–Hop Fans Alike

With lyrical rapping, garage rock beats, and hardcore calls to arms, grandson had something for everyone at Union Transfer.

Does Frank Turner Have a Place on 'No Man's Land'?

As a man writing an album about women, is the English rocker making a statement or mansplaining?
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