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Making Friends with Common Interests: There's an App For That

During his time at Penn, Reggie James (W '17) has focused on pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams.

Latin Student Artist Showcase

Not your average downtown

BioDesign Challenge 2017 Summit

Meet Ana Tize Valente, a Fine Arts major who is marrying design with engineering to create an extraordinary project.

Geeks of the Week: Luke Carlson and Noah Shpak

Noah and Luke could be locking in jobs at Tesla and Microsoft, among other tech hegemons. What’s stopping them? An incurable case of wanderlust, disillusionment with the corporate world, and a chronic fear of missing happy hour.

Geek of the Week: Angela White

What do Zumba, the piano and dark matter all have in common? This girl.

Geek of the Week: Mitch Fogelson

Robot creator (and breaker) Mitch “The Science Bitch” talks beer money, The Scene and the terrible taste of failure.

Houseparty App

If you have more than one friend, you need this app.

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