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Samara Himmelfarb


Run, Don’t Walk, for Juana Tamale's Birria Tacos

After years of pop–ups and selling out of a van, Chef Jennifer Zavala delivers in her new South Philly storefront. 

Inside the Fight to Preserve Reproductive Rights in Pennsylvania

With abortion on the midterm ballot, activism is taking place at and beyond the polls. 

The Happy Fits Redefine Positivity on 'What Could Be Better'

On their second album, the Jersey trio confronts growing up and celebrating life. 

El Jarocho Satisfied My Quest for the Perfect Philly Taco Spot

Enjoy authentic cuisine, a menu with something for everyone, and bountiful portions at this fast–casual Mexican restaurant.

'The Tipping Point' Offers the Sage Wisdom We Need, But Is It What We Want?

Tears for Fears’ first new album in 18 years explores the lessons that come with age while remaining true to the band's core values. 

Reclaiming a Nation’s History Through Song

A look at the artists blending Ukraine’s past and present in protest of Russia’s actions. 

How Beach House Invented a Ninth Planet on 'Once Twice Melody'

Synergistic in its contradictions and hypnotic in its sound, the band's eighth album is a transformative space odyssey. 

Musical Appropriation and the Origins of Gen Z Slang

How artists of our generation have fallen short when it comes to owning their privilege
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