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Sarika Rau


Coping with the Social Anxiety Pandemic

Why our social interactions are starting to feel more uncomfortable and how to prevent it.

Rethinking Your Black Friday Shopping List

Don’t be fooled by brands suddenly claiming to be following eco–friendly practices.

Plant–based Meats Are Going Mainstream

Should you consider swapping that Thanksgiving turkey for some tofurkey?

Examining the ‘Skinny or Fashionable’ Trend

Social media users are calling out thin privilege online. 

How 'Among Us' Became the Mega–Hit Game of 2020

From AOC to Ninja, the social deduction game is universally loved. 

Twitch: The Platform for Big Names and Wannabe Creators

The live–streaming platform is helping people find entertainment and community. 

Why Is Podcasting So Popular?

Breaking down how the medium gained traction during the pandemic. 
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