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Sejal Sangani


From the El to DRL

For Penn’s off–off–campus students, the typical college experience can be constrained by barriers of time, distance, and the SEPTA Regional Rail.

Toward an Accessible Penn: Student Experiences with Disability–Related Accommodations

Exploring the complex relationship between disability, accommodations, and diagnosis at Student Disability Services

Is ‘SNL’ more than just satire?

Sometimes we need a clown to give us a reality check.

Living with Long COVID

Two years after the COVID–19 pandemic’s onset, cases are falling and restrictions are being lifted. But for many, symptoms still linger.

Safe Yet Stifling: The Spectrum of the Queer Experience at Penn

Penn is often lauded as one of the most LGBTQ–inclusive campuses in the United States. But beneath this praise exists an opportunity for criticism—and then growth.

Lessons Learned: Takeaways From a Year of Virtual Classes

Students and professors are ready to move on from Zoom University—but they won’t leave everything behind. 

Why Did Pennsylvania Flip Blue?

Pennsylvania likely decided the 2020 presidential election. But the deciding factors weren’t what you think. 

Rethinking Rush: Greek life adapts to a world with COVID-19

With remote events and the dangers of in-person gatherings, members are split on whether Greek life is worth it
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