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They See Me (Jade) Rolling

Is rolling a stone on your face the answer to all your skin sorrows?


Why I Tried Community Acupuncture

Low commitment and low cost for a high reward.


Cupping Season: What This Pain–Relief Trend is All About

I tried it out myself, and have the purple circles to prove it.

ANNE MARIE GRUDEM_Wine and cheese.jpg

"Dining Out For Life" is the Perfect Excuse to Treat Yourself During Finals

This charity profit shares is here to make you feel better about eating out.

round-up_ springy dates around philly.anne chen.JPG

Round Up: Springtime Dates Around Philly

Activities to fit in before you're un–cuffed for summer.


Paper Mill: Meet University City's Trendiest New Food Truck

What happens when burrito meets spring roll? Magic.

Kyne_Avo Toast Basic.jpg

Five Types of Toast Less Basic Than Avocado

Why does avocado get all of the attention?  

SAMPATH_healthy, affordable cooking initiative for upperclassmen.jpg

This Group Of Wharton Students Is Trying to Help You Eat Healthier On A Budget

The affordable cooking workshop that you didn't know you needed. 


A Penn Law Alum is Opening a New Barre and Yoga Studio in UCity

Tuck Barre & Yoga is opening on 34th and Lancaster.


Cheesesteaks: A Philadelphia Love Story

One girl, six cheesesteaks, and a quest to determine the best.


Manayunk: Your Guide to One of Philly's Cutest Neighborhoods

Because some of the best shopping, bars and restaurants for college students are outside of University City. 


Fake Tanning Guide: Buy Your Spring Break Glow

How to look like you've been laying on an island for a week (even if you haven't).


The Clark Park Farmers Market: Better than Wednesdays at the Bookstore

Clark Park hosts a hidden gem for Penn students and neighbors alike.


Bad and Boochy: A Round Up of On–Campus Kombucha

Where to get your best probiotic fix.

IMG_7274 (1).jpg

Spring Cleaning: Makeup Edition

It's time to bathe your brushes.

juul cig.jpg

Inside Juul Culture: A Campus Epidemic

The negative health effects of Juuling and why Penn students tend to ignore them.


A Week Without Social Media

Life without likes and retweets.

CARLY RYAN_singles on valentines

Date Yourself this Valentine's Day

Self–care tips for treating yourself this V Day


Elixr's Outpost at the ICA Will Be Your New Favorite Coffee Shop On Campus

Come for the amazing coffee, stay for the study vibes. 

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