It was 3:00 p.m. on Monday and I was sitting in the Street office talking on the phone with Hunter, the elusive bassist from AFI. He doesn't have TV and he hasn't had a party in years, but his band's newest album Sing the Sorrow has hit billboard and AFI's fans are as devoted as ever. The album credits on Sing the Sorrow list you as Hunter. Do you have a last name? Do you have a last name? Yeah. Then I probably do to. What is your last name? Well, it's Hunter. I guess it's kind of a Cher thing, I like it. So, which band or artist has had the most influence on you? I don't know. I don't think there's anyone that's had the most. Like Flea maybe? Perhaps he's the inspiration for the one name? Yeah, I mean, I think he's a really great bass player. I don't think he's that much of my main influence at all though. I mean, the bass players that I take a lot of influence from are like James Jamerson or Jimmy Garrison or Eric Avery... Matt Freeman. Do you like MTV exposure? I don't have TV. I don't watch TV shows. It's something I really don't understand, I'm not exactly sure what really effects it has. Do you like that they put your video "Girls not Grey" on MTV... that you get increased financial success? Well, I don't think that it is more money necessarily. I think it definitely validates the video. I mean, I know that Dreamworks, and I guess us, spent a lot of time and money on creating the video so I would hope that it would be played on different mediums such as MTV, MTV2 and so forth, that's all good. So, there haven't been any marked changes in terms of your wardrobe or your car? I have the same car that I've had for four years, and I'm still wearing the same t-shirt that I've worn all week. [Laughs] Is the week in the same clothes a function of laziness or poverty? No, I mean -- There's one suitcase that contains my clothing, there's a set amount of items in there and that's what I've got to wear till I get a chance to go shopping. You're kind of minimalist in that sense. Do you throw crazy parties? Two years ago, I think my mom would tell me she threw birthday parties for me at my parents house and we invited like 10, 12 friends and we came over there and we had some pie, there were two ice cream options -- either real or fake ice cream. And then we played some games after that. That was the only party that I've had in maybe the past 15 years. Do any of the other band members engage in partying? Not as far as I know. I don't think there's ever been a... [Speaking away from the phone] Has any of us ever thrown a party as far as you know? We're just, you know, that's not of any interest to us. I mean, we had a record release party show that we played at if you wanna count that. This is probably why your fans are very devoted to you. You care more about the music than the exposure and success and stuff like that. The live shows must be the best part of it, right? Definitely, that's where it all comes together. That's where the songs that we've spent a lot of time writing and recording, all the sections of the show that we've spent time and money planning, you know, with the lights and here we put it in front of the audience and that's the biggest test. But its like, you know, if everything goes well it's the greatest reward. It's so fun. They usually go off really well without a hitch, and this tour we've had all the shows sell out which was really cool. Your bass hooks have been described as meaty, what's your favorite type of meat? Well, being vegan my favorite type of meat is end meat. Yeah, maybe nut meat... that's gross... I don't eat meat.