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James Schneider


A Knightley Knight's Tale

King Arthur was a success even before it came out, at least for guys who like guy movies. It's got everything that a great action saga needs: fierce battle sequences, a hot chick and a passable plot.

Back To The Streets

"What's Ramones?" Mike Skinner, the one-man act of The Streets, asks from his cell phone, en route to Utah.

The Chronicles of Ridiculous

Vin Diesel has the mental capacity of a Lego Block. That becomes clear as Diesel, once an up-and-coming action hero, reprises one of his most Neanderthal-like roles.

To Heaven Through Hell

"Heavy punk rock is the best way to describe it," explains Ben Perri, lead singer of From Autumn to Ashes.

Clearly Canadian

She's the same old Alanis. She's been a victim. She's been a bitch. She's gotten better. If there is a reason for So-Called Chaos, it's pain.

Ol‚ Mol‚

Large groups looking for fast, friendly service and a BYO Tequila option should look no further than El Azteca.

The fattest Crepe

Yainni Akritidis wasn't always the superstar dealer of crepes he is today. After rising through the ranks of Le Petit Creperie (that's French for "the little creperie"), the now 33-year-old, crepe-guy extraordinaire bought his own cart.

Coheed my call and listen to this band

Coheed and Cambria is "progressive rock, definitely not run-of-the-mill." Occasionally lumped into emo, or emo-core, the group's rock stylings are comparable to those of close friends and frequent tourmates, Thursday and Thrice.

Texas isn't just Bush country

San Antonio, TX. The Alamo story has graced film reels more than a dozen times. It's Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and Colonel Travis: add a few more ingredients, stir and repeat.

The People's Interview

What happened last night [at Wrestlemania]? We got beat. I had a blast last night. It was a lot of fun, it was cool.

Zombies are hot

Carnage, carnage, blood, blood and then more carnage. The remake of the 1974 horror classic Dawn of the Dead retains elements of the original, while changing the story entirely.

Burn the midnight oil

Every Sunday at midnight, a small, dedicated and "larger than you'd think" group of viewers -- primarily freshmen -- tune in to Midnight Live, UTV's longest running and most popular show.

It was a man's man's man's world

Getting punched in the face really hurts. Doing it for a living is brutal and difficult. Yet both are easier than taking a no-name boxer to the championship, especially as a woman. In Against the Ropes, chick flick diva Meg Ryan breaks out of her stereotypical role to play boxing's most prolific female coach, Jackie Kallen.

Smoking good time

Avril 50 is more than just a home to 3,000 or so periodicals, coffee, tea and tobacco products. For the many loyal customers, it is an escape from a harsh reality.

That was a crazy game of poker

Backstage at the Electric Factory, the quintet known as O.A.R., all clad in blue jeans and assorted rock 'n' roll t-shirts, could easily be mistaken for a group of college kids -- the same crowd that makes up the majority of the band's fanbase.

Sucking the Meat, or Meat Sucks?

A friend once suggested that if I really hated vegetarians I should walk around campus with a cow in tow.

Street Meets Young

Beverly Hills, Ca. After talking with the stars of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton for a few seconds, it becomes obvious that they are all perfectly suited to the roles they play in the film.

Hello, Is Anyone There?

:Frontman Justin Williams, who has "been playing in bands since [he] was 14, traveling since [he] was 15," joined The Talk about two years ago.

We are Japanese (and Korean) If You Do Please

Serving both Japanese and Korean fare, Han Wool provides a serviceable alternative to other local sushi hangouts.

After the Gold Rush

Angie Aparo's got a beef with the record industry. The singer/songwriter -- known for hits "Spaceship" and "Hush" off 2000's The American -- is currently between labels and has been unable to garner radio play.
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