Where the hell is my Fugees CD? Somehow, in the midst of the final exam frenzy, I seemed to have misplaced a musical masterpiece. The Score, the 1996 release from the East Coast trio consisting of Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras, is not only one of the most acclaimed and high selling hip-hop discs of all time -- boasting sales of over 17 million copies worldwide-- but it also holds the worthy distinction of being the only CD I have ever dreamed about before buying. That's right, back in 7th grade I lost sleep over waiting to purchase the CD, and now I'm losing sleep trying to find it.

After finally buying The Score, I realized my Fugees- related insomnia was no waste. The release was teeming with catchy beats, organic sounds, and hard-hitting lyrical moments. It was a near flawless album. When Lauryn said on "Ready or Not" "I play my enemies like a game of chess," a cold shiver shot down my spine. And the first time I heard her hit the bridge on "Killing Me Softly" I felt honestly that my life was complete.

While Lauryn brought so much to The Score, it was the trio's synergy throughout the CD that provided its mojo. On songs like "Zealots" or "The Mask," the three MC's traded off verses and fully showcased their magic of yesteryear.

Too bad the Fugees will probably never record together again. Following The Score, the three musicians split ways, becoming solo artists and eventually becoming embittered towards one another. It's a shame, because their last full collaboration, The Score, found all three artists at arguably the pinnacle of their creativity and success, playing off each other with dynamic wordplay and heady sounds, minus the bickering. I can't figure out though now if I am more pissed that the trio will never return or that I was stupid enough to lose the CD.