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Paul Farber


Brunch, bump & grind

Bump is the only eatery at which I have ever experienced a brunch with a bass line. This lounge and restaurant, which serves as Philly's best attempt to do Chelsea, or, heck, anything New York, is a see-and-be-seen hotspot on a prominent Gayborhood corner.

Jazzy Phat Nasty

What does jazz really mean to people? For the average college student, jazz is the music we all know we should dig but can't quite get our heads around.

A Community in Transition

It's a little past 5 p.m., and Houston Market is starting to fill up with a dinner crowd. Chris, a Penn graduate student, is dressed in a button-down blue collared shirt, baggy jeans and a worn-in Adidas baseball cap.

Disc Resurrection

Where the hell is my Fugees CD? Somehow, in the midst of the final exam frenzy, I seemed to have misplaced a musical masterpiece.

Okay Computer

In less than 12 hours, The Roots will release their newest CD, Phrenology, to retail stores -- and there is still much work to be done.

Music: Subterranean sounds

Underground hip-hop has left the building. The genre's two biggest independent labels, Def Jux and Rhymesayers, have both embarked on respective fall U.S.

Interview with hip-hop star Mr. Lif

Mr. Lif is one of the most talented and outspoken MCs in hip-hop's underground. Known for his ridiculous rhymes and commanding stage presence, the Boston MC has just released his first solo LP, I Phantom, on Def Jux Records.

Film: Goldmember: Better Than Godfather III

Finding the right time to say goodbye is a hard thing to do. Many hold onto what worked in the past for way too long, and end up making fools of themselves when it's all over.

Out and About: Never Walk In Anyone's Shadow

Disc jockey n : a person who announces and plays popular recorded music Unfortunately, this definition fails to capture the talents and utter magic behind the musical melding of DJ Shadow.

Music: Just Like Mama Used to Make

Is it possible to be a major label artist and also stay true to the craft? Walking the slippery slopes of authenticity, musicians are often forced to make the choice between careers of anonymous artistic freedom or soul-less commercial success.

Review: Eminem's Eminem Show

On the pages of a comic book or up on movie screens, superheroes live double lives. They possess talents and powers beyond normal human capabilities.
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