Are you a clove-smoking, beret-wearing, finger-snapping beatnik? Do you refer to your friends as "cats?" Perhaps you think John Coltrane is "hip" and Charlie Parker is "bad"-- in the positive sense of the word. If you fall into any of these categories, you're probably in the wrong decade.

But don't start searching for your DeLorean, McFly. There's a home for you at Chris' Jazz Caf‚. Chris' serves up live jazz music Monday through Saturday, starting around 9 p.m. The artists represent some of the finest in contemporary and classic jazz music. The dinner menu is well varied, from pasta to jambalaya to New York strip steak -- however, the service is poor and the food isn't worth the wait. Since no jazz club is complete without booze, Chris' offers you a tall wine list, mixed drinks, imported and domestic beers, as well as Shirley Temples -- for the ID impaired.

If you manage to get really drunk, you might try your hand at screaming random nonsense during the drum solos. I heard one gentleman exclaim, "You're my daddy!" Chances are that the drummer has had a couple drinks himself, and he'll probably be very receptive of your verbal musings. It's just such a friendly environment. So, why not give the Doc a call? Tell him you'll be staying in the year 2003 just a bit longer, because the cats at Chris' Jazz Caf‚ have invited you over for a drink.


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