Quality sandwiches have a new home. Just a short walk from the bookstore, Nosh's is a typical Jewish deli specializing in sandwiches ranging from classic pastrami and roast beef to chicken and potato salad. The most delightful aspect of the deli is that the meat is actually real. It doesn't have the translucent filmy ends that are all too reminiscent of 1920 Commons dining hall. The portions are fairly large, so even their half-sandwich -- moderately priced at $4.50 -- is enough to last you well through the dinner hour.

Other foods served include bagels, soups and salads, making Nosh's a great place for a variety of tastes. The deli also has many different drinks, candy bars and pastries giving it an upgraded convenience store feel. However, it's much cleaner and friendlier than any Wawa. The line moves relatively quickly, so even picking up a bite to eat on exceptionally short notice is doable.

The corner store boasts indoor and outdoor seating as well as the take-out option. Don't wait until the last minute to visit this deli. Penn students will be in for a surprise as they will enjoy the urban charm Nosh's has to offer, while eating some of the best meat on campus.


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