Carnage, carnage, blood, blood and then more carnage. The remake of the 1974 horror classic Dawn of the Dead retains elements of the original, while changing the story entirely. There are still zombies, a mall and a cast of survivors. But these zombies aren't of the helplessly slow kind. The savages leap around, shrieking incessantly and tearing at any speck of human flesh they can get their blood-thirsty mits on.

Body-munching zombies have taken over a small town in Wisconsin, and Ana (Sarah Polley) is about to have the worst day of her life. She wakes up to find one of the newly undead within her house, feasting on her husband. Blood squirts. He dies. He also becomes a zombie, hellbent on shredding her body to pieces as well.

She escapes from her house and drives through the ruins of her town, which is swarming with zombies. She eventually seeks refuge in a mall with the other survivors, barricading herself in amongst only the living ... they think.

Armed with shotguns, a .357 Magnum, a "pussy 9 millimeter" and eventually a gun store worth of ammo, the few remaining survivors plunk off undead after undead, riddling the foreskulls with as much firepower as is humanly possible. The beasts fall to the ground. Blood spurts. More zombies, more zombies, more zombies!

So, the story isn't going to land an Oscar anytime soon. Still, the camerawork unloads just as quickly as Kenneth's (Ving Rhames) shotgun, slashing back and forth quickly with the obligatory "scary music" backdrop. The film is fast-paced, interesting and gory as all Hell.

Look for a pulse-pounding horror flick that will not disappoint: let the bodies hit the floor.