Coheed and Cambria is "progressive rock, definitely not run-of-the-mill." Occasionally lumped into emo, or emo-core, the group's rock stylings are comparable to those of close friends and frequent tourmates, Thursday and Thrice. The upstate New York-based quartet has played on the Warped Tour, in Japan and throughout the United States.

Playing in a band has always been Coheed and Cambria bassist Mike Todd's dream job, but it hasn't always been his occupation. He used to be a chef, and he admits that he misses it. While hard-pressed to come up with a favorite album, he quickly proclaims his love of eating Chinese food and preparing seafood. For now, though, it's all about the music.

Not surprisingly, there is a story behind the unusual name. "The goal of the songs is to tell a story of these two comic book characters [that we made up] called Coheed and Cambria," says Todd. It's all in the head of lead singer Claudio Sanchez, but it may soon be available on paper. Todd plugs, "It's an ongoing story, which will actually be released in a series of comic books which should be released this summer."

Last summer, the band spent two weeks on the Warped Tour. This year, C&C will stick around for the entire tour. Todd considers it "like a reunion." He loves hanging out with all the bands and hearing the great music: "It's a good time, there's always something to do, but also it's tiring, it's exhausting." He especially enjoys strumming on the "groovy, '80's poppy-sounding 'Faint of Heart.'"

The band's tour schedule isn't kind to recording, but C&C records when it gets a chance. "We pretty much have a rigorous tour schedule until next fall, so we're planning on going into the studio and recording [then]." The band cut most of its recent album -- released in October 2003 -- in between shows.

With greater exposure, thanks to touring with relatively better known bands, C&C may grow out of its Equal Vision label. For Todd, though, the group isn't rushing to leave. "We're gonna stick with Equal Vision for the time being," he says. "Some major labels have come knocking .... If it makes sense we'll do it; otherwise, we're happy where we are."

Check out Coheed and Cambria at The Trocadero (1003 Arch Street), April 14, 7 pm.