I'm so insignificant I can't even kill myself".

Sideways, directed by Alexander Payne (Election, About Schmidt), promotes itself as a "toast to wine, women, and everything that gets better with time". Miles (Paul Giamatti), a balding, neurotic divorce, and his former college roommate, Jack (Thomas Haden Church), go on a one week tour of the central coast of California. Jack, a sex-crazed, washed up actor, is looking for some action the week before his wedding. Miles, on the other hand, is waiting to hear if his novel will be published, while in the meantime, continuing to mope and whine over wine. Miles also meets a girl (Virginia Madsen) -- but who really cares? The movie drags on too long ... You're no longer waiting for resolution, you're just waiting for it to end. There are a few hilarious scenes, namely those involving Jack's character, like when a biker chick (Sandra Oh) beats the shit out of him with a helmet. Nevertheless, it's nothing to rush to the theaters for.