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Alexis Orenstein


Under Pressure

At first glance, Harsh Times seems to be a film about two friends getting stoned and chasing women in South Central L.A.

Taxidermist's delight

Where else can one find a real mummified human corpse, stuffed pandas, and a full fledged T-Rex skeleton besides the Academy of Natural Sciences?

Choco Taco

Situated on South Street between a porno and a florist shop is Guacamole, a more urban and less expensive version of Urban Outfitters.

The real Urban Outfitters

Even in the glorious neighborhood of Old City, one reaches the point of excess vintage shops. With so little time, one must pick and choose, and choose well.

Boho, yo!

Petulia's Folly 1710 Sansom Street Mon - Sat (except Wed), 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Wed, 10a.m. - 7 p.m. (215) 569-1344 www.petuliasfolly.com For those of you who are oh so sick of the Gap, with its false promises of Sarah Jessica looking ever so glamorous plastered to a window, only to find that they don't even sell that stuff on the inside, venture out and find Petulia's Folly.


Enduring Love Starring: Daniel Craig and Samantha Morton Directed by: Roger Michell Rated: R "You're mad." "That's what they said about Jesus." "Yea, that's also what they said about a lot of mad people." Enduring Love, a psychological thriller, is the eeriest movie of the year.

Wedding nights

I'm so insignificant I can't even kill myself". Sideways, directed by Alexander Payne (Election, About Schmidt), promotes itself as a "toast to wine, women, and everything that gets better with time". Miles (Paul Giamatti), a balding, neurotic divorce, and his former college roommate, Jack (Thomas Haden Church), go on a one week tour of the central coast of California.

Rage Against the Machine

In this era of reality-obsessed film and television, it came as quite a shock that The Motorcycle Diaries has nothing to do with either leather chaps, burly biker-boys or roaming the Midwest in search of a brawl.
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