The proprietors of Dessert realize the sorry state of American sweets and aim to combat the legacy of Hershey with nuanced dishes and an intimate bistro setting. Soft lighting illuminates the wine colored walls and deep mahogany furniture, while classic Sinatra floats through the air. Service is swift and the attention is personal, so even upon first entering Dessert, any visitor will feel right at home.

Dessert aspires to the highest degree of authenticity and quality. The chocolate fondue ($11), tastefully arranged, was thicker and more viscous than most conventional fondue, and retained a strong cacao flavor. The fresh fruits and nuts around the fondue bowl provided contrast of flavor and texture to balance the rich chocolate.

Many other desserts were also comprised of this dense, heavy chocolate that excelled in the presence of a lighter, more delicate flavor. The sacher torte ($6.50), a chocolate sweet cake with apricot filling and a layer of chocolate on top, came with whipped cream and two dried apricots to defray the heaviness of the flavor. Dessert's Brownie Points ($6.50), triangles of brownie with butterscotch, were lightened by a side of homemade vanilla ice cream.

The high points of the meal were the non-chocolate dishes. The apple pie ($6.50), although cold, had pieces of crisp apples and nuts, as well as a creamy filling underneath it all. When combined with the homemade vanilla ice cream and a flaky crust, the dish truly stood out. Additionally, the tiramisu ($6.50) was light and fluffy without an overwhelming coffee taste, perfect for a light after-dinner treat.

Located just three blocks from South Street, Dessert makes a promising venue after a night on the town, since the desserts are moderately priced and the cafe is open until 11 p.m. Its authentic European bistro ambience succeeds in its decor, hot drink selection and certain desserts, though the rich chocolate items at the heart of Dessert are best suited to true chocaholics. If settling down with a warm cup of coffee, tiramisu and some Sinatra with a significant other is your ideal way to end a date, then Dessert may very well be the place for you.


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