While some of you frolicked in Cabo or hobnobbed in Aspen, I spent most of winter break holed up in bed (thanks Streptococcus pneumoniae!) in the ’burbs of the Midwest. Four weeks and three rounds of antibiotics later, I have regained not only my health, but also an appreciation for the brilliance that is Beverly Hills, 90210. Yes, 100 episodes will turn any casual viewer into a full-on fanatic.

Premiering in 1990, the show ran for a decade… and oh, what a glorious decade it was. There were pregnancy scares, actual pregnancies, shootings, meth, coke, booze, trust funds. Come to think of it, if it weren’t for the palm tree-lined campus, you might mistake West Beverly High for Penn. Kidding. Kind of.

But in all seriousness, Kelly Taylor & co. went through so much that 90210 has become the most relatable show of all time. Ever had your mentally unstable girlfriend slip you the club drug U4EA at an underground rave? So did Brandon! Did you find out the mother of your allegedly dead father’s daughter was scamming you out of your multi-million dollar inheritance? You and Dylan should go out for a drink. Oh wait, Dylan’s AA sponsor so wouldn’t be down for that.

Okay, so maybe your life isn’t quite as exciting as that of the 90210 crew. But that’s what you have Street for! Let’s make some connections, people. While none of the California teen dreams played hockey (see our feature story, pg. 10), Brandon did date a figure skater. Brenda, Kelly, Donna and Andrea went through the brutal process that is sorority rush, just like our own indecently exposed reporter (pg. 3). And David would be all about music’s stellar sample sampler (pg. 14).

With five seasons down and five to go, the real question is: am I going to be able to pass my classes this semester? I guess I could try to snag a Legacy Key (you know, that magical master key that unlocks everything, including the file cabinet that holds exam answer sheets) just like Steve.

Donna Martin graduates, Julia