My friend Kara’s favorite game is to ask new acquaintances to describe in explicit detail what they would eat (every meal and in-between snacks!) if this was their last day on Earth. Because, as she so aptly notes, you can tell a lot about someone by the food they eat.

I contend the best eaters —or foodies, if you will — are those who embrace the Le Bec Fins and the Lorenzos, the Morimotos and the McDonalds. After all, the best food is, not surprisingly, the food that tastes the best. Of course, the experience of eating is oftentimes as important as the food itself.

We here at Street have explored the high and the low, evaluated food in its context and separated the best from the rest. This is our first dining guide and, with the help of our mature older sibling The Daily Pennsylvanian, we hope we’ve done the impressive culinary stylings of Philadelphia justice. We’ve reviewed student staples like BYOs and foodcarts, as well as swanky downtown eateries... not to mention the 800+ listings we’ve compiled. Yum.

Fuki-san, Julia