There’s that scene in (admittedly, my favorite movie) Can’t Hardly Wait when a few tech geeks surround a computer and wait desperately for Internet porn to load. The teenagers salivate at the image of an almost–tit when suddenly the hard drive crashes. Noooooo! They push up their glasses, sigh and press refresh — they’ll see boob in another half an hour… maybe.

Thankfully, things have changed since 1998. Tamagotchis are pets of the past. Twelve–year–old boys finally realized that frosting their tips is not okay. But most importantly, high–speed Internet was invented (thanks, Al Gore!).

It’s kind of obvious that the Internet changed the world. Bloggers came out of the woodwork; teenage girls stopped using Geocities websites to glitterfy creepy doll pictures into their real life friends (seriously, what was that phase?); people started using the web for real things. Breaking news became actually breaking. Feeds became a noun and Google–ing became a verb. Instead of waiting for a recap of the State of the Union, we can now follow real–time tweets. We can even chase Amy Gutmann at symposiums with Arianna Huffington.

So now, Street is finally catching up with the times. Yes, we have a website. Yes, it gets updated every Thursday, but let’s be real; it needed a Clueless–style makeover. Without further ado (drumroll please), I invite you to the new and shiny!

Now you may be wary of change — but it’s okay, we can walk you through it. Load her up. Take her out for a spin and see what’s cruisin’ in the new Street wide web. You'll find the same familiar content but in a new and shiny–like–a–disco–ball kind of way. We’ve got some new clickables, new colors and we've even hopped on the multimedia bandwagon. Check back daily for new shtuff — we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Glitter glue and tin foil,