Last Wednesday night, we all prayed for a snow day. Whenever shrieks were heard over intercoms and through hallways, someone would jump and dial 898–MELT. But nothing felt worse than hearing the words, “The University is open and operating on a normal schedule." Sadly, no snow day. Dreams of four–day weekends were dashed. In the dead of a snowy morning (7 a.m. to be exact) I left a certain windowless building just in time to see a delivery truck drop off 400 freshly printed papers. Now that’s excitement.

This week was a repeat (minus pulling an all– nighter). The weather deceived us night after night, fake snowstorm after fake snowstorm. No snow–ridden tornadoes came down from above. No, well, some professors canceled class (feel better Professor Nichols!) and maybe most importantly, nobody celebrated with kegs and eggs (read: tater tots) at Blarney at 10 a.m.

But for those of us who have faith in snow dances and believe that the snow gods will be on our side at least once before the semester ends, we keep planning that perfect snow day. Mine consists of the typical: snowball fights on beige block, hot chocolate and snuggly socks.

For those with more creativity, thoughts of Snow Day may come to mind; you know, that horribly cliche Disney movie where all the pretty acne–free teens say, “Anything can happen on a snow day…” Now if that’s true, maybe we can all fall in love, make snow angels and sled into happily ever afters. Probably not though.

So for the time being, while you’re enjoying your non–snow day, we’ve brought you some comfort in other places. Like mouth–watering chocolate in South Philly (p. 10), a Nacho face–off (p.6) and a deeper look into Kanye’s bizarre psyche (p. 15).  This and our constantly updated content at should hold you over until that beloved snow day falls upon us.

Mittens and melted snowbanks,