I’m in love. I’m hopelessly, maddeningly in love with a tin box on 38th Street. What holds grip of my heart, you ask? Well, it goes by a simple name, one that brings joy to my heart and a skip to my step. Just four little letters that can make me swoon: B–U–I–S.

This home away from home and breakfast savior will forever be known in my phone as “BUISS!!!!!!!!!” I even became the mayor on FourSquare for three magical months (damn you, Pat H.). It’s become clear that I’m seriously addicted to an egg sandwich.

The Friday morning cure doubles as a Monday morning pick–me–up and the constant friendly faces of the Bui family always brighten my day. The quick stop lunch truck is only a few blocks and a short phone call away. They know my name. They know my order and quite simply, they know the key to my heart. I walk up to the counter with a crisp five–dollar bill and eagerly await the heavenly pleasure of the perfect sandwich.

One bite of the cooked–just–right eggs and turkey bacon pillowed in a crispy yet soft roll is all it takes to get my stomach feeling like a million bucks. Sigh.

But since we can’t run an entire 44–page Dining Guide on the wonders of Bui’s (trust me, if we could I would), you can find the other gastro–wonders of Philadelphia within these pages. Restaurant upon bar upon truck upon stand greet you with open arms and tummies for a mouth–watering reign of sumptuousness. Enjoy and eat up.

Grandma and Grandpa Bui,

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