Nobody really watched Skins. You know, that MTV teen drama that was spawned from the brilliant British version. It’s kind of like Degrassi but no one dies. And it's not Canadian. There were 10 episodes of accused child pornography and tawdry affairs with middle–aged men in hot tubs. Seriously, nobody but the Parents Television Council watched the short–lived season that ended this Monday. Well, nobody but me. Crippled by a television addiction, I dutifully watched every stinkin’ episode. I bit my lip in angst when bawdy Tony rolled on E at a Baltimore rave. (Seriously, MTV? Raves in Baltimore?) I hung on every overused pick–up line delinquent Chris used on his naked teacher in a tree house. I even forgave Skins for letting all of the female characters get pumped and dumped by the many juvenile boys on the show. Skins is not good. One of my housemates would hear the theme song through the walls (the soundtrack is superb thanks to MTV’s excellent music directors) and would groan, pitying my addiction. Why would I waste time watching this garbage? Well, it’s intriguing. Of course we all want to know what goes on behind closed doors of America’s most beautiful. That’s why we watch reality shows. And Behind the Music. And the downfall of Charlie Sheen. (He is still in fact #winning.) That’s also why Street’s decided to take you into a world that you probably didn’t know existed. From first glance of the cover, you can probably guess things are a little…  er… racy this week. So buckle up, take a deep breath and jump into our feature on student sex workers (p.8). Sometimes things just need to get a little kinky.

Street’s showing some skin,


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