With the semester winding down and the long–awaited lovely weather coaxing us out of hibernation, Street looked around campus for some spots to read, write or draw. So, take some time to relax as we move into finals. Bring a pencil, some paper and enjoy.

  Arch Tables on the Walk There’s something strangely peaceful about sitting at a table bordering Locust Walk as hundreds of people stream by and the constant babble fades into quiet background noise. Hone your people–watching skills and let the crowds be your muse. It’s the best of both worlds as the tables let you spread out any drawing or writing materials while still enjoying the great outdoors. Mark your territory early though, because these tables are valuable real estate, especially on warmer days.

  Benches between Van Pelt and Charles Addams Fine Arts These benches are hidden gems, tucked away in the sunny, ivy–covered alley connecting Van Pelt to 36th and the Addams Fine Arts building. The alley has a cheerful, serene atmosphere and somehow each bench feels like a private sanctuary, which makes it the perfect place to decompress alone and try to capture the natural beauty around you (it’s limited here).

  Kelly Writers House It’s impossible not to be creatively inspired by the eclectic and whimsical environment at the Writers House. Whether curling up on a couch, sitting in the kitchen and taking in the savory smells of whatever is cooking, or working upstairs in the library, you can find countless nooks and crannies in which to situate yourself. On nice days, enjoy spring by taking advantage of the tables outside the house. And while you’re there, sit in on a reader or listen to a speaker; they might spark your own creativity.

  Fisher Fine Arts Library When spring showers drive you indoors, let yourself be inspired by the stunning architecture of Fisher Fine Arts. wThere’s something so Ivy League about lofty ceilings and towering stacks of this Drawing I staple destination. Yes, the silence can be a little intimidating, but just think of it as meditative rather than suffocating. Plus, the peace and quiet is kind of nice when you’re engrossed in a pleasure–read (when was the last time you read not for class?) or expressing yourself in words or sketches.


The Bio Pond 4/20 may leave this smoking hot–spot in less than stellar condition, but if you manage to ignore the roaches littered all over the ground you can take the rare opportunity to get away from the hustle of campus, whip our your sketchbook and immerse yourself in some semblance of nature, even if all of the trees have weird tags on them.