As you trudge through Van Pelt, sulking over the prospect of another three hours of studying, you fail to notice a small sketch hanging in the hallway leading to Lippincott on the second floor. Unappreciated and, for the most part, unnoticed, that sketch is actually an original portrait of Picasso created by none other than Salvador Dali (!!!). Just to put the value of this portrait in perspective, a Dali painting sold for over $20 million this past February. Though most famous for his surrealist work, Dali’s Retrato de Picasso of his mentor and close friend presents an uncharacteristically informal piece. It represents a personal moment between two of the most celebrated Spanish artists of all time. Dali's hidden location on the second floor seems unbelievable, but next time you’re dying for a study break pay a visit to this lonely masterpiece and revel at the untold wonders of our beloved VP.